The snow has finally arrived. And while I do realize that most of you, that have been under a lot of it recently, will shriek at this notion, let me have my moment of joy. As someone who lives in the southern part of a Southern European country I don't see much of it where I live. In order to really experience it I have to travel up north or into the mountains. As It turns out, I happened to be at both places at the same time recently.

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On the top of the mountain Ivan, somewhere in the middle of Bosnia and Herzegovina, snow started falling the day before. And while it was following us on our trip from Sarajevo, it was at this point where its full glory became apparent.

On the side of the road, I found this little quiet scene.

Some of these, even though shot in color, look like black and white images. Autumn is for sure gone here.

A view of the snowed in valley.

The reason for my recent travel north to the capital Sarajevo, was my State Law Exam. This is why I was absent from the blog world on Monday and Tuesday. Good news is, after a two-part written exam and an oral exam on Monday, I passed it, so my friends and I were celebrating a bit. I leave you with that image, and I'll be back with new views from the other side soon.

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