I can't believe it has been over three months since my last post in the "Home and Garden" section of this blog, but with all the travels and road trips, other things have been more on my mind. But after the wealth of images that was the Prague travel series I feel the need to revisit more familiar sights. One thing that is seasonal right now here are cherries. They are so plum and sweet right now, that I have been snacking on them all the time (in fact there is a fresh bowl of them in front of me right now). So here are some impressions from our home and garden...

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Luckily the rain, that had plagued us for the last couple of days, subsided for a brief moment, so that I could take these photos.

Beni, always enjoying life, is lounging on the front porch.

Yes, that is the sight I want to be looking at now.

You may have seen my new car in our recent Boracko Lake post, but here it is again, parked and waiting. My red Toyota is not here anymore.

There is a story behind these flowers in the images above and below. Don't ask me what they are. We planted them last year, and they wouldn't grow. This spring they have shot out of the ground, and are slowly taking over. Our theory: they are after world domination. :) We have not uprooted them, since we are now curious how big they'll grow.

Late Spring is really great in Mostar. The days are warm but not too hot, and the nights are mild with a hint of chill. Just perfect.

Our garden inspector is very busy. I leave you with this image of him roaming the grounds. Until next time, life goes on...


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