It's only a day away. While I'm typing this up, the new timelapse video is uploading to YouTube. Over the course of May and June, I tried to make time (besides work and regular blogging photography) to go out and shoot some timelapses. In order to shoot it properly you have to take a lot of images, and that usually means that you get one finished collection of frames per session.

On top of that, I added the factor of sunset into the mix. This usually meant that I had to wait around for the perfect time of the day, and then go and shoot quickly so that the light wouldn't vanish. On some shoots I also did a transition from sunset into dusk.

My first timelaspe was posted on my 600th post, and it was 30 seconds long. This time, the video will be 1:43 minutes, which is considerably longer. The video features more shots, more angles and more views.

The new video will be uploaded tomorrow. In the meantime, I wanted to show some making of screenshots and show you, how I make such a timelapse video.

click on the images for a bigger view

1. It takes a lot of images to get one finished sequence. Each frame is slightly different then the one before it.

2. It takes A LOT of images. :) One second of finished video contains 24 frames or still images. You do the math! As you can see below, this particular shot had 266 images, which results in 11 seconds of finished film.

3. After I process the images in Photoshop, I move to Adobe After Effects, where I import the image sequences, do some editing and color correction, as well as pans and zooms.

4. In the end I finish the video in Adobe Premiere Pro, where I add the titles and, most importantly, music. A goof score makes half the video.

I hope to have wet your appetite with these screenshots. Tomorrow I will post the video with some still shots from it. I hope to see you back again for it.


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