I took an evening stroll through Mostar with my camera the other night. I visited the book fair first, but continued roaming the city and taking shots. I wanted to divide the images I took into two parts. Part one is about the more modern part of the city, while the second part will be nightly summer shots from the old part of town where the Old Bridge is located.

This is a two part series:

click on the images for a bigger view

A shot of my high school with the moon rising in the background. Summer nights in Mostar are special, because the city is filled with people, both locals and tourists.

The city emblem, engraved on a stone in the Spanish Square. It shows the Old Bridge with the river Neretva flowing underneath it.

Above: the main walking lane in Mostar. Below: A side entrance to the city park that you can access directly from the walking lane.

A small cafe next to the park. As the night approaches people are slowly filling the empty seats...

The Spanish Square in Mostar. It was recently reconstructed, with new seating arrangements, fountains and flower beds.

A look from the Tito Bridge on the river Neretva. Night is rolling in and the colors of the city are changing.

I hope you enjoyed taking a stroll with me thorugh the modern part of the city. Of course, there is more to show from the modern part, but these happened to be the sights that I captured on my route. 

Part Two will be up tomorrow and there we will visit the old town of Mostar at night.


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