My first night of summer vacation. It's 4:30 AM and the summer night is weighing down on me. Outside the air is crisp and cool, but the inside of my room isn't. My eyes are wide open and as I glare at the window I notice the intense blue light of the night. The moon is almost full, and as I open the window the cold air whiffs in my face. As I gaze outside I notice how calm the city looks and how everything is colored in these amazing colors.

I'm fully awake now. No going back to sleep. I grab my camera and take these shots. Once again I'm amazed at the Canon 6D's capabilities at night.

click on the images for a bigger view

I return back to the bed and find a half-a-sleep Beni on the bed, probably wondering what I'm doing up. I took this next shot, with almost no light at all.

In case you wonder, I didn't fall asleep immediately. I watched some "Modern Family" episodes on my laptop, and eventually fell asleep around 6:00, only to be waked by the alarm at 8:00. My vacation is off to a good start...


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