We visited the countryside recently for a family gathering. While there, my cousins decided to take a walk through the rural setting, and I made a couple of images. We had a great time, which resulted in cca. 100 images, from which I selected 37 to show to you in these two parts.

So come along with us and enjoy the sights!

This is a multi-part series:
Part One: A Family Outing
Part Two: The Path through the Woods

click on the images for a bigger view

This place is called Bivolje Brdo, and is located 27 km (ca. 17 miles) south from Mostar. It's a short 30 minute car ride to get here.

Before we started our walk, I noticed this abandoned house. The grapes were hanging from the vine, which offered a melancholic view. Somehow life was still going on here.

Beni was there as well of course. The hike took us through the local fields, where, after some rainy days, nature was in full bloom.

A shallow depth of field shot, transformed the scenery in this next landscape in a unique way. I did a tutorial on this technique. If you are interested you can check it out here.

We had a lot of rain the last couple of days, and it was even raining on this day just before our walk. That's why you will notice raindrops in all of the close-up shots.

This next view brings back memories form the beginning of this blog. This was one of the first sights I shoot with my Canon 350D back then, and posted to this blog in January of 2009. If you'd like to see this scene five years back, click here.

We actually picked some berries (not these unripe ones, of course) as we were strolling along. They were very delicious!

The newest addition to the family, my cousin Kenan's daugther Merjem, wasn't in a walking mood. :) As the sun returned, so did the humidity, and she wasn't a fan of it, and neither were we.

A lone fence was in front of me, and I was wondering, what can it protect the field from? Right now it's only an interesting photo subject, so I snapped away.

A distant view into the village of Bivolje Brdo. We were traveling away from it now, further into previously uncharted (and undocumented) territory for me.

As we were moving along, so did other creatures. Unfortunately for me (and for you, dear visitors) the turtle decided to hide as soon as I pointed the camera at her.

As we took a corner, a long path through the woods waited for us. The entrance was very nice and charming, but further back nature was running wild. You will see what we saw in the woods in part two...

End of Part One
To be continued...

I hope you enjoyed the first part from our countryside visit. Part Two will be up tomorrow (where you will actually see more from us).

I am still editing the summer vacation series to Sibenik, Croatia, but I plan to post part one on Friday. So there is a lot of new material coming up.


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