This Friday we have a very special week over at "Friday My Town Shoot Out". The theme is a scavenger hunt in which you show your world looking up, facing straight and looking down. There is so much to see in the world. Little things that fly by, that are there in the corner, sometimes noticed, but more often overlooked.

I really wanted to use this theme and show some details and sights that in everyday life would probably go unnoticed.

If you like you can link up this week. The linky can be found here.

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When I look up I see the deep dark blue of the sky. I see the white puffy clouds rolling in, changing their shapes. Within minutes sights change and not one scene lasts too long.

Looking up I see tree branches, heavy with leaves and fruits. I notice the shade the roofs of the trees give to the earth, and how the branches spread, creating an ever flowing arterial mosaic.

Facing straight I see fresh new leaves. Looking even more closely I see insects caring on with their lives, belonging.

Life down below is interesting as well. This is where flowers live, grass grows and rain drops fall on.

Enjoy your Friday, and link-up if you like.  I hope you enjoyed my contribution. I wish you all a happy weekend ahead.


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