I was sitting in my room, reading something, when I noticed a harsh yellow light shining through the windows. I was very surprised because it was raining since morning, and it wasn't just a quick summer shower, it was pouring throughout the entire day. So I went to the window in my room, pulled back the curtains, and saw a heavy golden glow lighting everything up.

Quickly, I grabbed my camera and went to the upstairs balcony, from which I had a pretty good view of the sky and the hills. The sight in real life was almost otherworldly and I'm not sure if these (almost unphotoshopped) images will do it justice.

click on the images for a bigger view

You can see some rain showers in the far distance (lower right corner), as the other clouds are making way for the sunlight.

This final image, sums the whole experience pretty much up. From low to top, the clouds are moving away, and the heavy dark blue of the dusk sky is showing its face.

Somewhere far the sun was setting behind the heavy clouds that were hovering above the land for the entire day. The warm gold of the sunlight shone through the clouds and created the most amazing colors.

A really wonderful way to end the day...


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