I love doing this series once in a while, because it's fun to look back, but also because I tend to post a lot of content, that sometimes slips by. For this particular post, I decided to look back at nature posts on this blog, and I have selected a few to showcase here.

You can click on the titles to open up the individual posts and see more images.

I love late Summer. It's that period of time, where the days are not too cold and not too warm, and when the transition into autumn slowly shows its face. I hope you will enjoy the late summer impressions in this post. Click here to view "Late Summer Impressions"

Nothing like the blue hue of the sea, to calm you down when things get just a bit too much. In this series of images we travel to a small town on the Adriatic Coast. Click here to view "A Dream of Summer"

In this post I show you the golden colors of late autumn in the south of my country. Even though the days get cold around that time, nature still blooms and shows its most beautiful sides. Click here to view "Somewhere South..."

I find the woods to be a relaxing place, and I know that a lot of people share that feeling. The sounds of a forest can take you away, connect you to something primal and return you safely to the familiar. Click here to view "Dawn in the Forest"

Herzegovina is geographically speaking the southern region of my country. There are many unique naturescapes to be seen here, some of which I show in this post. Click here to view "Sunny Days of Herzegovina"

I hope you enjoyed this post and looking back at some of the images shared in the past. For more "Things You Might Have Missed" posts click here.


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