Today is Beni's 6th birthday, and I wanted to share some images of his life with us, so far. He's always there with us, and a constant source of joy. It's interesting how it takes an animal to show us unconditional love. Over the years, the notion that dogs are better then humans, has reared its head more then once. So, for all it's worth, here are some images to bring you joy today.

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The first day in our home, and he already tries to show us who's the boss.

First time playing in the snow.

The first bath.

Cozy days in the house are a regular part of everyday life.

Playing in wet, freshly cut grass, did the following to him:

Always wondering around.

 Of course there are hundreds and hundreds of images of Beni, but I wanted to show some of my favorite over the years that show a little bit about his life so far.

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