When the north of the country is preparing to dive into the cold and dark season ahead, here in south Bosnia and Herzegovina, the bright autumn days are in full swing.

We are having some winds right now, that bring a lot of fresh and cold air from the north, but the days are still very sunny and enjoyable. Tourists are still in Mostar and surrounding country, and on the other hand, the fruits of the season are also coming into bloom. From fresh pomegranates, pumpkins and all the way to some great southern olives.

Here are a couple of reasons why I love autumn in these parts of Europe and why I think that this is a perfect time for a visit.

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It's that time of year for olives

This might be a strange reason for you, but I just love when olives ripen. Every year for the past 10 years or so, my dad goes and buys lots of bottles of extra virgin olive oil that last us all the way through summer next year. It's unbelievably delicious when the olives are organic and grown locally, and you get the olive oil from the first cold pressing. The store-bought stuff can't compare. This is definitely a reason why I love autumn in Herzegovina.

Sunny Days are long and warm

Yes the nights get cold, but the days are so enjoyable, like you wouldn't believe. You can visit all tourist and nature spots during the day, without the summer heat, and really enjoy everything that the landscapes have to offer.

The Ruby Seeds of Pomegranates

Sure you get the occasional sour dispositioned one (although my mom would jump and say, that those are the healthiest and full of vitamin C), most of the ones that are harvested here in South Europe are sweet, juicy and gorgeously red. Definitely an autumn treat, that because of the great weather ripens much faster then in other parts of Europe, where it is commonly known as a winter fruit.

Autumn lasts longer

Because of the great weather we get to enjoy autumn much longer then the rest of the country. This results in leaves being longer on trees, and gives you more photo ops during the autumn months. How could you not love this region for an attribute like that?

The Colors of the Season

Admittedly, this is not a feature that is just common to these parts of the world. Autumn is jaw droppingly beautiful everywhere. But I couldn't write a post about why I love autumn and not include a word or two about those intense and vibrant colors. They are a gift of nature and I try to cherish them with every step I take outside.

What are your favorite attributes of autumn in your corner of the world?


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