It's amazing how fast Fall can creep up on you. In my last two posts I showed some scenic views from the mountains, and the color in nature hadn't been changing much, even though we are a good part into the fall season by now. Yesterday I went on another short trip, and while on my drive, I passed the Grabovica lake. 

The lake is located on the M-17 road, a couple of miles south from Jablanica. In just a few short days, the change started to happen...

click on the images for a bigger view

Peaking out of the branches, I noticed the lovely green and blue hues of the water.

Beni is peaking out of the car, waiting for me to finish up.

It won't be long until the leaves start to fall off in abundance.

The old railroad bridge (now used by cars and pedestrians) in the distance.

On the edge of the lake, these tall trees greet me, forming a natural shield between road and water.

The Autumn season continues...

Have a great Sunday!

Come back tomorrow for a special recipe post. The kitchen in the new house has been officialy used for making baked goods, and we had a great time while making some deserts. But more on that tomorrow. Here is a small sneak peek:


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