Today I will show you a historical monument of an important World War II Battle that went on in these regions. In World War II, the so called Case White, also known as the Fourth Enemy Offensive, was a combined Axis strategic offensive launched against the Yugoslav Partisans (The National Liberation Army of Yugoslavia).

Since its final stage took place on the Neretva River, the operation was known in Yugoslavia as the Battle of the Neretva, or as the Battle for the Wounded. In today's post we will visit one of the most important places of this battle, which nowadays is a national monument.

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The site is located in the town Jablanica.

A sign welcoming you to the monument.

A memorial museum has also been built here. It houses many important artifacts from Yugoslavia and the World War II period.

The battle that was being held here was one of the most significant confrontations of World War II in Yugoslavia.

The Axis (nations that fought in the World War II against the Allied forces) operation prompted the Partisans, with Tito in the lead, for the drive toward eastern Herzegovina.

In order to do this, Tito formed the so-called Main Operational Group, which eventually succeeded in forcing its way across the Neretva in mid-March 1943, after a series of dramatic battles with various hostile formations.

"We shall not leave the wounded behind" - Tito

In the last days of February 1943, Tito's Main Operational Group found itself in a critical position with no open road remaining.

Tito took the tactical command in his hands.

He ordered the Pioneer Company to destroy all the bridges across Neretva, which was done between 1 and 4 March. 

 In order to see the most important part of this post, I had to cross the relatively new bridge.

The bridge had been destroyed so that enemy forces couldn't pass through.

By the end of March, the Germans claimed to had killed about 11,915 Partisans, executed 616, and captured 2,506. Despite these heavy losses and a tactical victory for the Axis powers, the partisan formations secured their command.

You can spot the white bunker on the other side. This is where enemy forces were attacked.

The next major World War II operation in Yugoslavia was Case Black.

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This here is a very condensed version of the whole tactical procedures.

It's a very interesting story. Even a Academy Award Nominated movie has been made about this. I hope I evoked some interest in the happenings here.


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