In the two weeks that I have been uploading the summer vacation series to Sibenik, there has been a lot going on in our new house we built. The kitchen has been installed, as well as the granite counter tops. 

I do plan to make a bigger post on the finished look of the whole place, as I promised in May when I posted the images from the construction of the house. Once everything is set up, I will be moving here.

click on the images for a bigger view

There is a big island in front of the kitchen, that has an extending granite counter top, for some chairs that we will be buying soon. That way you can also eat there.

 I really wanted a deep sink. I don't know if I captured the depth nicely, but it's there.

The kitchen is still waiting to be completely equipped.

I actually designed this kitchen island myself, to suit my needs. On the side, there is a open space with shelves for books, but I didn't capture it in this next shot.

 A quick view of the living room.

 The other side of the kitchen.

I hope you enjoyed these. As I said, I will be making a bigger post on the whole house once we get everything set up.


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