We have arrived at one of my favorite places of the whole trip: the St. Nicholas Fortress. The St. Nicholas Fortress was built on the left side at the entrance of the St. Anthony channel, on the island called Ljuljevac, in front of the Sibenik port.

Historically this was a major defense point for the city, and the fortress is one of the most valuable and best preserved examples of defense architecture in Dalmatia.

I have visited this place two times before, in 2012 and 2013, so if you want to check out those posts you can click on the links. I really wanted to go back here and take some images with my Canon 6D. So we did. And here are the images. Enjoy.

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Although defense capabilities of the fortress have never been tested in military operations, the structure still proved successful in protecting the city from sea-bound enemy attacks.

This whole place has many entrances and doorways, and you can never be sure what these rooms once were.

A blue light coming from the side windows in the next room.

It can be quite scary, walking down the various corridors and paths.

The fortress is made of brick because this material was considered to be most resistant to cannon balls, while the foundations are made of stone.

In the Mediterranean, there are two similar forts: one on the island of Malta, and the other is in Venice, and it's name is Saint Nicholas.

There is something very unique about the light that shines through the small windows.

The next two images have been taken in complete darkness. We are entering the solitary confinements.

Light from our mobile phones gave some much needed illumination. These are the deepest parts of the fortress.

I really like all the winding corridors as well as the stone arches.

These don't look too safe, but we had to climb them anyway to further explore the inner parts of the fortress.

These heavy doors lead you out of the inner parts of the fortress...

...as well as this staircase.

Just a couple of steps left and we are again in the open.

 We made it out, onto the upper structure, where nature is taking over.

End of Part Seven
To be continued...

In the next part we will explore the upper structure of the fortress, take some amazing seascapes at sunset from here as well as portraits.


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