Life is filled with moments that you will remember forever, from births and weddings to travels around the world. But everyday life is not filled with them, it's the simple things that occur day in and day out. And there are so many simple things that can and should give us so much joy. 

Here are just a couple of them, I noticed last night when I was sitting outside in the garden.

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Summer in Herzegovina is the time when grapes ripen, and are in abundance. I love both the red and white ones, and it gives me joy, seeing them displayed in a big bowl.

There is of course Beni, with his look up at the camera.

A hot chocolate, after a long day of work.

Summers in Herzegovina are also very hot, so the flowers have to be watered every day.

And it brings joy seeing the fruit ripen in our small orchard.

Then there is the joy of a simple summer dinner, enjoyed over candlelight outside in the garden. Come back on Sunday for a recipe on this easy and delicious Tuna Salad (filled with lots of good things, and two versions of coating: one mayonnaise based and the other a fat free dressing!)

What simple things bring you joy?


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