We continue or nightly visit to the Solaris Beach Resort. After having visited some attractions we took a stroll along the coastline, that is filled with nice beaches as well as many cafes and restaurants.

A soft breeze was blowing from the sea, making the walk very enjoyable. Let's take one final look at this resort...

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The first thing we noticed was a mysteriously glowing object in the distance.

As we moved closer, we saw that it was one of the many stops in the mini golf field located inside the resort. This stop had a waterfall, and also stopped from time to time to turn red and blow steam in the air.

I took these two long exposure shots, to get a silky effect with the water that was streaming out of the structure. The various dents in the "stone" are actually speaker, which were omitting water and volcano sounds.

Besides here being many hotels, there are also these small bungalows that you can rent.

One of the many restaurants along the walking lane.

Turning around we saw the pirate ship we visited earlier.

Below: The spa center of the resort.

It's a really fine atmosphere here at night.

We stopped for some ice cream.

I love these colorfully decorated cones, they have set up above the ice cream.

After the sweet break we continued our nightly walk.

One of the many Solaris beaches at night.

It was getting late, and we made our way to the car, and headed back to our apartments.

End of Part Five
To be continued...
Next time we will visit a great location. I won't say too much now, but here is a sneak peek. See you on Sunday and have a great weekend!


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