One of the destinations during our summer vacation was the Solaris Beach Resort, located a couple of miles south from Sibenik. It's a beautiful hotel complex with many attractions, beautiful beaches and lovely restaurants and cafes.

We spent two evenings there, and I broke up the images I took there in two parts. For the lack of a better title, I'm calling the first part "Dusk in the Solaris Beach Resort" and the second "Night in the Solaris Beach Resort". The next part of this series will be uploaded tomorrow!

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The whole resort is located in a quiet bay, and as we arrived the night was setting in.

Parking is free and a short walk through the pine forest leads you to the beaches and other attractions.

The dark blue of the night sky pierced the blackness of the forest.

This unusual "gate" lead us right to the first attraction...

... a pirate ship called "The Legend".

It's actually not a ship, but a built attraction, which serves as a great vantage point to look out to the sea, and also functions as a bar.

We stopped first for some portraits. The city lights were shining in the background, giving a lovely out of focus glow.

The entrance to the pirate ship is nicely decorated. A lot of attention is payed to the details, which makes it fun.

Standing here, and looking out to the open sea is quite impressive. You really feel like you are on a ship. We stood here some time, taking everything in.

Some yachts are docked in the small harbor right next to the pirate ship.

Attractions are fine and good, but the resort has really great beaches. This was the furthest point of one of them. The sea was darkening by the approaching night.

We left the pirate ship behind us and went to see the cliffs.

It's very humbling to stand here, with the waves crushing into the rocks, and the soft sea breeze creating the most beautiful sounds.

More yachts and boats in the harbor.

End of Part Four
To be continued...
In the next part I will show you more sights from Solaris, more attractions that are in-land, as well as some restaurants and cake shops.

Come back tomorrow for the next part.


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