After two long weeks of editing I have finally sorted through the vacation images to Sibenik. Over the course of our stay I made more then 1000 images, which I edited down to about 350 to show in this series. It's a lot, and in order not to crowd each post with many images, I decided to divide the series into 9 parts. But believe me, there is still plenty to see in each post. 

We have been to Sibenik three times before, but this was the first time with the Canon 6D, and some of the night photography we did turned out fantastic. I was finally able to do some really good interior shots in the dark hallways of the Fortress of St. Nikola (Part Seven), and also some colorful, fun and happy night and dusk shots in the Beach and Spa Resort Solaris, near Sibenik (Parts Four and Five).

For this first part I wanted to start of easy and relaxed. I will show you the small seatown Brodarica, where we mainly stayed. Sibenik as a city doesn't really have a beach where you can swim, and since we wanted to swim and relax on the beach, we booked our stay here, just like in the previous years.
This is a multi-part series. Other parts include:
Part One: Morning in a Seaside Town
Part Two: A night in the old town of Sibenik
Part Three: Stormy day on the Beach
Part Four: Dusk in the Solaris Beach Resort
Part Five: Night in the Solaris Beach Resort
Part Six: Stroll through the Sunset Forest
Part Seven: Inside the Fortress of St. Nicholas
Part Eight: Remnants of the Past
Part Nine: Golden Hour in the Bay

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The morning started around 8:30 for me. After breakfast I grabbed my camera and made a stroll down the coastline of Brodarica. There were almost no other people on the beach, so I had the surroundings to myself.

A curious sight along the way. I wonder if perhaps the owner of this car, down below, parked it there at night. Otherwise a very risky move :)

I love to take a glimpse into boats and ships, and see how they work and are structured. In the bay of Brodarica you can find many small boats. In the next part you will see more luxurious yachts and ships in the bay of the old town of Sibenik.

The turquoise water called to me. In some parts, the water bed is white and clear. The water here is very clean, since big currants stream freely up here.

On the other side of the coast there is the island Krapanj. I didn't have a chance to visit it again this year, but if you like to see more of this island during sunset you can click here for our 2012 post and here for the 2013 post from this island.

I spotted this old boat docked in the harbor. Time had taken its toll on it, but it was interesting enough for me to take a closer look.

A brave swimmer under another docking post. :)

There are lots of rusty details dotted along the coastline, which I tried to pick up with the camera.

As the sun came up more, it was time to return to our apartment and get ready for a fun day on the beach.

End of Part One
To be continued.

Part Two will be up this Sunday. 
In the second part we will visit the city of Sibenik, it's lovely streets and corners, cafes and restaurants as well as the wonderful walking lane along the bay.

And here are a couple of preview shots from the other parts that will follow in this series.

First up, it's me in a gellato store called "Grom" in the inner part of the old city of Sibenik. I am linking this image to City Daily Photo, with the theme "Take Away". Nothing better then Ice Cream to take away and enjoy! :)

Thank you for stopping by. Enjoy your weekend ahead.


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