We have passed the half point with the summer vacation series. In this sixth part we will visit one of the most beautiful locations from our stay in Sibenik, it's a quiet forest and bay in Zablace, only 5 miles south from Sibenik. An old fortress is located in this bay. While we will visit the inside of the fortress in the next part, the stroll through the forest s well as the climb of the outer walls will be shown in this part. Enjoy!

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A newly made walking path takes us along the coast and over the bay.

At 7 in the evening, the sun is slowly starting to set.

The forest in the background looked very inviting, but the path took us to another one.

The path leads you right through the middle of the forest, which is located on a small island (you will see it in the later images better)

Throughout the trees you can see glimpses of the fortress.

The only part that is left untouched is the last stretch of path to the fortress.

This is the way the path has always been. It's a real adventure from here on...

...because you have to climb the outer walls of the fortress.

The views from here are great. You will see this lighthouse during sunset later as well.

Big puffy white clouds rolled into the landscape, and have a great reflection on the water.

This is the island through which we hiked.

Here is a wide shot of the last stretch of the walking path.

The walls of the Fortress of St. Nikola.

A quiet moment in the woods. I love how the trees "bend" towards the sea.

We made it on top!

  End of Part Six
To be continued...

We made our way inside, and what we saw there was amazing. But more on that in the next part...


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