Welcome to the first part of my new photo series. In it, we will be traveling to the mountains, mountain Prenj to be precize. Somewhere in the foot of these mountains my family has a cottage, where we often escape to. Come along on a weekend escape with us. I hope you will enjoy the images that follow.

This is a multi-part series. Other parts include:
Part One: Arrival in the Mountains
Part Two: Fences in the Countryside
Part Three: As the night rolls in

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As the mountain road was winding through the hills, the peaks of the mountain Prenj could be seen in the distance.

As we arrived the sun already began to slowly set behind the mountains.

The roof of our cottage in the light of the setting sun.

Some fires last year, destroyed parts of the woods that can be seen from our cottage. Luckily, most of it seems to have survived, but a few bald spots can be seen here and there.

On the other side of the small fence here, you can see the neighboring field, which is running a little wild.

But the field does provide for some interesting details.

Div has grwon up, and was also there with us on that day.

Hay here is usually loosely stacked on poles, as you can see in this next image.

As the sun was setting, we made our way deeper into the fields.

End of Part One
To be continued...

In the next part we will explore the countryside a bit more and see some fences and houses along the way. Div and my dog Beni will be with us, of course. :)


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