In the second part of the new travel series I will show you the old town of Sibenik, it's historic center as well as the various paths and streets. The atmosphere in Sibenik is youthful and lively. Little streets lead to many squares where modern shop windows unite with the old architecture of the past centuries.

What I really like about the city is that everything is within walking distance. From bus station to the old city center it takes only five minutes to walk. You can get to all sights on foot, and the furthest are within half an hour walk. My sister and I made a nightly visit and I was able to get into the small streets and corners and capture the more intimate sights of the city.

This is a multi-part series. Other parts include:
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We started our visit around 9 in the evening, the afterglow of the sun was still lingering in the sky, and gave some great color to the city and its surroundings. As we parked our car in the harbor parking lot, we started our trip, beginning with the walking lane along the sea.

Sibenik has a big harbor that is being constructed right now, and across the walking lane, only smaller ships and yachts are docket, which gives you a nice vantage point when shooting them.

One of those yachts was the "Blanca", a luxurious small cruiser that was awesomely lit, and made you daydream about going out to sea with it and exploring the nearby islands.

The city at night is always busy.

The Sibenik Museum shown in the picture below was founded in 1925 to celebreate the thousand year anniversary of the Kingdom of Croatia, and is located in the former Prince's Palace. It's a complex type of museum, and consists of archeological, cultural-historic and ethnographic departments.

These side streets offered up many great spots for portraits and some quiet, in the otherwise very busy city.

Then I saw these hanging doors right on the entrance to the old town center of Sibenik. Later I found out that these doors used to be functioning doors of the church behind them, but over time, as the city got reconstructed, they were literally left hanging in the air.

Next up; Left: My sister Jasmina, stopping to take a picture of me, taking a picture of her. Right: Her camera phone result :)

The restaurants in the inner city are always filled with tourists. The food can be on the pricey side with them, but we ate in one, and it was all very delicious.

Sometimes you just glance and walk past these views, but I really tried to take it all in. There are so many details and unique structures in these little narrow streets. I like all of the matching doors and windows.

Above: A lone kitten strolling the side streets of Sibenik. Below: A golden lit fountain in the city park bursting with water.

End of Part Two
To be continued...

In the next part the weather started to shift slightly, and some dramatic and dark clouds rolled into the seascape. Even though we got restricted in swimming, we got some great seascapes, here is a preview shot and I will see you in the next part.


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