We had great weather throughout our stay in Sibenik, but on one day the clouds started to roll in and gave a dramatic backdrop on the, otherwise, sunny beach. It wasn't until much later that we found out that big storms hit the northern part of Croatia's coastline, and that those storms, even though hundreds of miles away, had an influence on our weather.

Our main beach is very secluded and not too crowded. That's why we like this place so much. I hate beaches with lots of people, crammed one to another. Here you can really enjoy the sea, nature and sights.

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As the day started taking it's turn for the worse, we decided to go on a field trip. The city of Zadar is a one hour drive away from Sibenik. We went to the Supernova Shopping Mall. Here are a couple of shots form our time there.

The sky turned clear for one moment, but on the night that was to follow, a rain and thunderstorm hit our little coast as well. Luckily for us, the next day was bright and filled with sunshine.

End of Part Three
To be continued...

Next up is our visit to the Solaris Beach and Spa Resort, located a couple of miles south from Sibenik. It's a hotel complex with many fun attractions.


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