As we made our way to the top part of the fortress of St. Nicholas, the sun was beginning to set, and some wonderful light greeted us. The upper structure of the fortification has a big plateau, and there are many look out spots. So we started to explore the various nook and crannies. Come along for this penultimate part of our summer vacation photo series.

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 There are many corners to explore here.

The view to the south-west. A small boat is approaching the Sibenik harbor, just a couple of miles away from the fort.

 These highest points of the fortress, really offered a great point for portraits.

 And then the fight broke loose :D


 As we were sitting on the outer walls, we could see Sibenik in the distance.

 As we were departing the fortress, other tourists were arriving.

 One final look at the ruins...

 ...and we were headed back into the bay.

End of Part Eight
To be continued...

And we are almost done! Next part is the finale, and I think I may have saved the best for last. See you next time! Until then here is a small preview: 


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