We have come to the end of our summer vacation series. Sibenik and the various locations around it have been very good to us. We have seen a lot during our stay, and I hope it translated well into this travel series.

In this last part I will show you some glorious sights along the coastlines of the Adriatic Sea, that we took during the golden hour. I hope you will enjoy this final part.

This is a multi-part series. Other parts include:
Part One: Morning in a Seaside Town
Part Two: A night in the old town of Sibenik
Part Three: Stormy day on the Beach
Part Four: Dusk in the Solaris Beach Resort
Part Five: Night in the Solaris Beach Resort
Part Six: Stroll through the Sunset Forest
Part Seven: Inside the Fortress of St. Nicholas
Part Eight: Remnants of the Past
Part Nine: Golden Hour in the Bay

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After visiting the Fortress from the last two parts, we headed back.

We returned through the same forest as in part six, to reach the shoreline.

 As the sun was setting the forest was much darker then before.

After we made it through, a wonderful vibrant sunset greeted us on the other side. 

I like the golden reflections on the sea water. Nothing like the light of a sunset.

The walk path provided for some great photo ops.

The landscapes during this time of day were much different, then those we saw on our way to the fortress.

I have shown you this spot in the preview before. Here is another version, that is brighter and has a real golden feel from the sunset colors.

It's always amazing to me how quickly the sun descends. In just a short couple of minutes the most intense colors show up in the sky.

In the afterglow of the sunset, we made our way back to the car.

A view of the bay.

I love the hints of heavy orange glow in the trees, somewhere deep in the forest.

I want to close the series with this next image. The water here is not the Adriatic Sea, but in fact a small lake we came across while driving home.

The End


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