This might be the best seafood dish I have ever prepared. It's a juicy and succulent Shrimp Scampi. And what that means is that it's friend Shrimp in a white wine, garlic, lemon and butter sauce. The sauce is the star of this dish really, but the shrimp are great as well. They are quick fried and retain all of their juices and stay wonderfully sweet.

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- Shrimp (de-shelled, de-vained, thawed, rinsed and dried)
- Juice of half a lemon
- Splosh of white wine
- Extra virgin olive oil for frying
- 3 cloves of garlic sliced into thin stripes
- 1 tbs of butter


1. Before you start, defrost your shrimp if you bought them frozen, take off the shell and veins if not bought cleaned. Then rinse it under cold water and thoroughly dry them in some kitchen paper. They need to be dried so that they fry up nicely and develop great color.

2. Put some olive oil into the pan, add the garlic to the cold oil. Let it heat up.

3. When the garlic starts to sizzle add the splosh of white wine (the better the wine, the better the dish). 

4. Let the wine reduce for 1 minute, it will start to boil. Then add the dried shrimp and fry for 3 minutes. They don't need much. Shrimp are done when they turn pink.

5. Add the butter and lemon juice and stir until the sauce thickens.

6. Serve it and enjoy!

This makes a great lunch or dinner. You can serve it to guests since it's very fancy looking, but above all very, very easy and delicious. A little of this goes a long way!

You can serve it with rice, noodles or spaghetti, or as I did, with some toast. You simply need something that will soak up that lovely sauce!


What seafood dishes do you prepare and/or like to eat?

My dad loves fishing and regularly, during the fishing season, brings home lovely salmon that we eat over the summer. But I also like calamari, simply fried with garlic and parsley. Have a great Sunday!


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